I’m on National TV in the USA!

Whoa! It’s been what? Over a year since I last posted anything on this blog, but something really EXCITING happened recently and I just gotta share this bit of news with everyone. Have a look see:

I took a trip down to the Florida this summer and I was interviewed as a guest expert on this great morning show called The Balancing Act. It’s a lifestyle talkshow aimed at women in the United States and they reach out to 2 million ladies nationwide every single day (which is great! … except for the fact that they’re all from halfway round the world… lol).

I had a REAL blast being on the set and doing the whole interview with them. It was a GREAT experience. I never thought I’d EVER appear on TV in Singapore (not that I’m interested anyway…), but to appear on NATIONAL TV in the freaking US of A. This is incredible. Another ‘Awesome Things You Can Do In Life’ item I can put a tick on my list.

Ok, enough blabbering on my part, The Balancing Act airs every weekday 7am EST/PST and my segment is on Wed July 21st. If you’re from the US, you can catch the show then on the Lifetime channel. If not, the Internet is a wonderful thing — you can always watch the entire segment via the video link above after it airs July 21st 2010.

3 Years On … What A Ride!

When I fist started this blog on a whim three years ago, I had no idea where this project was going to take me and where I was gonna end up. In fact, the only reason why I started this blog in the first place was because I didn’t know what else to do with the domain name I bought (www.Adam-Wong.com).

And the only reason I bought that too was because Internet marketers were telling me that that’s the very first thing you should buy because domain names are limited and you definitely want to own your very own name. You’ll never know when you’ll need it! And so I listened and paid.

That’s how this blog was born. And after coming across another blog which chronicled one particular young man’s journey to financial freedom, I thought I’d COPY it (shameless…) and do the same for me, but with an Internet marketing twist. I simply wanted to share my experiences with Internet marketing, the stuff and work I did, the results (and screw ups) I got, and ultimately have this whole blog be kinda like a public record of my journey online.

And now look at what has happened over the last 36 months…
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Lucky Bastard! Debuts At #6 On Bestsellers List

BestsellerI got a call Sunday morning from Adam Khoo and he gave this bit of really exciting news — Lucky Bastard! is #6 on the Sunday Times Bestsellers list. A wide stupid grin must have instantly implanted on my sleepy face when I heard that.

If you take a look at the scan on the right, Lucky Bastard! is tucked right in the middle of the non-fiction bestsellers list.

WOW! My book is #6 in the whole of freaking Singapore. I AM STOKED. I mean anyone would be when your book is being recognized as a national bestseller. And it’s my first one as well. I am really grateful.

It’s been 4 weeks since the book’s out and every Sunday, I’ve been checking to see if it made the list and this Sunday, well… it did!

I remember having a discussion last year with Adam Khoo about how to write a book and I mentioned that I only wanna do this if it becomes a bestseller (I want the ego trip! muahahha!) and AK took a look at my idea of a book and told me ‘Yes. Why not?’ and whadayya know, it’s come true.

I can now check off one of my goals. Fweuhhh… I honestly thought this one was going to be left hanging but I guess I was being a tad impatient thinking a book will go straight up the charts first week of its launch.

If you’re interested to get a copy of Lucky Bastard!, you can go to any good bookstore in Singapore (Borders/Kinokuniya/Times/etc) and you can find it there. If you purchase a copy, I really appreciate the support. I do. And if you’re not in Singapore, you can always opt for the cheaper (we save costs because we pardoned the trees) digital version we retail online over at www.VeryLuckyBastard.com.

Anyway, I am really happy with this latest bit of news (obviously) and ahhh.. I’m off to play the guitar now. tata

How This Bastard Was Born!

Hey! It’s been about 3-4 weeks since Lucky Bastard! was launched in the bookstores and as a first time author, this is obviously a very exciting time for me. Anyways, first time anythings are always exciting! (Remember, the FIRST time you passed your driving test on your 176393396th attempt? Something like that exciting!)

Personally, I’ve only been around to two bookstores – Borders and Kinokuniya Orchard – and I’m REALLY stoked to see my book and name in bookstores. It is unreal sharing shelf space with luminaries like Kiyosaki and Obama. I’m a nobody!

According to a friend, Lucky Bastard! is #6 on the Border’s bestsellers list — she saw the list while she was there (but I didn’t catch it myself). So even though I wanna be number 1 in the entire freaking universe, this will do for now.

Anyway, I never thought I would EVER write a book in my life. I mean, writing just a blog post every now and then is tough enough. But an entire freaking book?! OMG. Too painful. I remember meeting some friends over a year back and one of them kinda confused me with Adam Khoo’s name on one particular book and he thought I wrote it. Whereupon, this look of incredulity came over me before I scowled “Noooooooo… I’d never write a book!” But looky here, one year on – I’m eating my own words.

If you’re wondering, this is how idea for the book came about. A year ago, I was on a private coaching program with Michel Fortin. Michel’s the #1 copywriter on the Internet today and an extremely successful Internet marketer and businessman as well.
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Tweet tweet!

Ok, I’m feeling like a major dumbass right now. I like kinda made a boneheaded mistake on one of my servers and some important files are like gone forever. Poof!

Anyway, that’s private stuff, but I want let you know I’m on Twitter right now. Well, I’ve actually had an account there for the longest time (a year maybe?), but I just never really got around to tweeting. If you don’t know what Twitter’s about, it’s basically this nifty little site that allows you to update your friends and stalkers about whatever it is the heck you’re doing right now.

So if you’re doing the garden, cutting a million dollar deal, or taking a dump – you can tweet that and let your friends know. If you’re asking why in the world would you wanna tell the world about what it is you’re doing (i had the same question myself — that’s why I didn’t tweet before), I just realized that people are naturally bored and having nothing better to do with their lives, so they’re naturally curious about what the other bored people are doing in their lives. But it’s wonderful! Really.
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I Am One Lucky Bastard!

Short one since I just got this and CNY celebrations are underway. But I wanted to post this because I really wanted to give you readers notice (and I’m as excited as a pig on hemp right now).

Lucky Bastard!

Ain’t that a sight? My book’s just out and it looks mighty fine. I’ve been working on this for months now and after all that work and wait – it’s finally here! It’ll hit the bookstores I’m thinking Wednesday, Thursday-ish so look out for it (if you want to, of course).

I’ll end now, but I’ll post more details after CNY’s up.

Why I Don’t Believe In Sacrifice

Happy new year, people! I’ve been really caught with some end-of-year work, hence the lack in posts (boo! excuses!) but really.. I still have a crapload of work to get through before the chinese new year swings around.

Now back to the titular statement… it’s true – I don’t believe in sacrifice. (And I’m not talking bout some fancy Aztec ceremonial here…) You see, I get kinda amused whenever someone moans that they have to make a TON of sacrifices to achieve whatever heck they wanted to achieve. woo hoo…

I used to believe in sacrifice myself too — ya know, the no pain, no gain mantra. But nowadays, I kinda disagree with that perspective. Here’s how it happened…
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