How We Started The Websites (and Started Making Money Too!) Part 1

The last time I was with you, I was sharing about how I got to work with Adam and how it ballooned into something really exciting for me.

So after Adam and I agreed to hit it off, I had to go back and think about how best to bring Adam’s expertise and valuable content to people on the internet. Well you see, Adam’s an expert in the areas of personal success, money-making and accelerated learning and he already had a personal website up at the time I approached him.

That personal website was and on it had his tips on making money, success and learning. The problem was that Adam wasn’t really paying a lot time to maintain and grow his website by adding fresh content so that people would want to come back and visit his site.

So if there’s� a tip I can leave here with you is that keep adding fresh content to your website! It gets people coming back for more and the search engines also view unique content very, very� favorably. So if you have a website that you provide as a resource, add content regularly.

With that said, at that time was pretty stale and we had to do something about it because it was still getting a pretty constant stream of traffic due to people searching for adam khoo online and we didn’t want any of it to be put to waste.

This was the old Blehhh…

So the first thing we did was to change into Adam’s personal blog. Now a blog is a very good way to keep adding� fresh content and people love to read blogs. Especially if the blog’s about someone of interest like Adam is. So we figured that people who search for adam khoo want to know more about the man himself and his personal website should be about him and his life. Therefore, the blog.

So the blog was set up and now you can read about the many things that Adam does with his time. And the lovely thing is that this website is going to grow and grow because people are going to be interested reading about Adam and we’re going to keep on adding fresh unique content and people are just going to come back again, again and again. And all this traffic is going bode very nicely for our other marketing efforts online.

Now the blog isn’t going to be about how Adam brushes his teeth and what he eats for dinner. I know some people are interested in that sort of thing but our focus for this blog is about how Adam makes his money and and a chance for you to look into his thoughts.

I mean if you had the chance to have an inside look into how a multi-millionaire lives his life, wouldn’t you wanna know?

So this is how the new looks like now:

Pretty spiffy eh…

So as Adam blogs about topics like money-making and personal success in his personal life and the running of his businesses, we know the blog is going to attract people who are mainly interested in those� areas.�

We added� adsense on his blog and links to the other partner sites that are also relevant and interesting to that particular readership.� Soon we’ll be adding affiliate links, amazon links about stuff that these people want to know more about. So lots of great potential there. And I’ll update you about what we do as we grow the blog.

Remember that the old also had all of Adam’s money, success and learning tips. What happened to that? Well, we spun those into 3 seperate websites which I’ll talk more about next time and how it all fits into our online marketing strategy.

Ok enough…


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  1. Bryan Hee on January 24th, 2009

    Agreed with you that Content is the “king” you need to provide fresh content for search engine and your readers to come again to your blog.

    To Your Success
    Bryan Hee

  2. biola on January 7th, 2011

    hello adam(wong, but it will be nice if khoon get to see this).i read d first chapter of lucky bastard and i instantly fell inlove with it.
    i hate to say this but i think we gat a lot in common, in the sense that am inquisitive but talented and gat lots of internet skills(website design,i also layed my hand on couple of internet marketing biz, plus affilliate marketing)but i wasnt serious with it.but where your book struck me most was where you helped your mentor move revamp his internet biz online.
    funny enough, my mentor also does his internet biz stricktly offline and my latest goal this 2011 is to help him move all his internet biz online. and i want to make $20,000 before march. so watch out.
    i love your approach to writing simple,non-technical and straight to the point. keep up the good work

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