7 Reasons Why You Should Use An Autoresponder

If you’ve been doing IM for some time, then I’m sure that this will be the most important tool you’ll ever possess in your online business (other than your brain, of course. If that’s screwed, well… too bad!).

In fact, your autoresponder is so important that when one millionaire Internet marketer was asked which one of his websites made him the most money, his answer was – “None of them. My autoresponder list is the one that makes me the most money.”

Here are 7 reasons why your autoresponder is the #1 tool your online business will ever have: (until email becomes obsolete anyway…)

1. Your autoresponder will help build a targeted list of leads and subscribers. Nowadays, even an IT dummy (like me, honestly!) can simply cut-and-paste some lines of gibberish code and start collecting opt-in leads with in minutes. It is so bloody simple. But that’s just the geeky part. The really important part, like I mentioned earlier is that it allows you to build you list. Not only that, it helps you build A HUGE list (which is impossible if you’re using something like MS Excel) and you’ll see why that’s the #1 asset your business (online or offline) will ever have.

2. It helps you automatically follow-up with your leads and subscribers. We all know it pays to keep in touch with your customers. But if you have 10,000 people on your list, sending them an email every week manually will simply drive you nuts. But you know what, your autoresponder can do all of that automatically. And you only need to do it ONCE. The moment you preload your queue of pre-written emails, you can practically follow up with your list indefinitely.

3. Everyone reads emails! Unless you’re John McCain, of course. In fact, the #1 reason why people log on to the net is to use email. So you can be sure that with an autoresponder, you’re using a medium that people are going to read and respond to.

4. Make sure your emails get delivered. With a professional autoresponder service, you can be sure your emails get delivered (and you want that, of course! That’s the purpose of email.) Because these autoresponder people work with the major ISPs to make sure that mail that comes from their servers reaches your subscriber’s inbox. Plus they have the hardware to send emails at super speeds. I know of a company who built their own system and it took them DAYS to just send a few thousand emails out. Not good enough. A good autoresponder will get that done in less than an hour.

5. It’s so darn cheap. Like what, $15 a month? Surely you won’t scrimp on that. And you get something that’s darn useful, customer support, upgrades and maintenance by a professional full-time team. And for goodness sake, don’t hire a programmer to do this for you – he’s going to charge you a freaking bomb and it will never work as well as what you can get from a company that specializes in this stuff.

6. It gives you protection. You see, spam is rampant online. And people are on the lookout for it. By using an autoresponder, it forces you to follow the guidelines they set, so you can never be accused of spam (which is really bad for you company). For example, you know how I hate it when I receive an email from some company which I can’t freaking unsubscribe from!? Ughh… I’m one disgruntled dude when that happens. But you won’t see that happening if you use a good autoresponder (unless the subscriber’s too dumb to see the unsubscribe link at the bottom. It happens.)

7. The ‘easiest’ way to make money online. The moment you build a targeted list of people who are eager to hear your message, you can practically mint a fortune online. Because every time you send an email out, you make money. Now obviously, you’ll need some time and effort before you’re afforded that kind of heady financial superpower. But the moment you do, you can literally start from scratch, but with your list, you can still make money anytime.

There you have seven reasons why you’ll really should get an autoresponder (if you haven’t already). There are probably tons more reasons out there, but seven’s a nice number, so I’ll stop at there.

If you want a recommendation on which autoresponder you should pick, I personally use AWeber and so do 50% of IMers out there. The other choices are GetResponse (which I find the interface really clunky. Sorry!) or Email Aces.

Here’s the link to AWeber. It’s an affiliate link or if you wanna just go naked, simply go to www.AWeber.com.



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  1. Donald -SMART Infopreneur on December 12th, 2008

    I totally agree with you Adam on the autoresponder part..

    I spent 4 stupid years thinking too much about having an autoresponder because it cost me $$ each month.. OMG, that was the biggest mistake I ever made in my IM journey..

    When I decided to use one, I increased my online profits by at least 1000% (yes 1000%), not forgetting automating my business processes which leaves me more time to do the important things..

    This was the most expensive mistake I can ever make! hahaha..

  2. Adam Wong on December 16th, 2008

    wuuu… 4 years. Dude!

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