Get Backed Up!

This is something that is so darn important but you’d be surprised at how many (or little) people actually do regular backups (like me, dammit!). I’ll admit it, I’m as lazy as a pig on hemp on any given day and I’ve been procrastinating for ages to get my files and folders backed up.

I mean, it is just so easy to just leave it for tomorrow (and tomorrow, and tomorrow) because you always assume that it will always be there — till it’s gone, of course!

So you can imagine my reaction when I bloody woke up one day to find my ALL blogs gone. Everything – kapish! At first, I thought my eyes were fooling me because I was still in my half-wake daze (with hair all over the place), so I do what I normally do online when you think your eyes are playing a trick. You hit the F5 button.

But to no avail! This time (after countless attempts at mashing the refresh button) my blogs just wouldn’t reappear. It was only then that I really woke, raised my right eyebrow, and my brain kinda registered what the heck was going on — I just freaking lost over 2 years of hard work and labor in an INSTANT. Just wiped out from the face of this earth! (Not funny AT ALL.)

After I finished my obligatory cussing, I wanted to find out how in the world my blogs could be literally here one day and gone the next. I logged into my backend and checked my SQL databases and there was the answer — ALL my SQL databases were gone without a trace (POOF!) — confirmation that my blogs were really gone.

I had back ups but they were many months old (like I said – I was procrastinating) and now in the moment where you really wished you hadn’t waited all those months to do something so darn right important, it was too bloody late.

Maybe I haven’t really painted how crucial this really is; losing all your data is akin to having your factory and retail stores all burnt down to a crisp — and you didn’t buy any insurance! In just one day, your business is gone and you have to START ALL OVER AGAIN.

On the Internet, that means all your websites, products – the stuff that makes you money – is entirely obliterated and your income goes all the way to ZERO (which is not very sexy at all!).

And something that would cost you 30 minutes to do (the backups) is now a god-knows-how-long struggle to build all your websites back up again. Not very smart. So now if you can see how really important backups are, whoppee!

Now here’s the best part about the whole thing…

My blogs weren’t really gone at all. My webhost was doing some maintenance and my SQL databases just vanished for awhile (they were back up later in that afternoon), so I was very thankfully granted a very timely “reprieve”.

But you know, it was probably life’s way of tapping your shoulder (or actually smacking your face) to remind that you have something really important to do that shouldn’t be put off any longer.

So now, I’m not taking anymore chances, every freaking thing is now fully backed up and I can rest easy knowing that if anything silly does happen, I can have everything back up online with a simple click.


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  1. Donald -SMART Infopreneur on December 12th, 2008

    BTW Adam, if I am not wrong, you are using BlueHost, I am using them too.

    Just to let you know something about Bluehost (in case you do not already know), the backup policy that Bluehost has for their customers is more of a “Courtesy Backup”. Meaning you have to back up all your data on your web servers onto your local computers too because firstly they do not backup every single day, and also they do not guarantee your backup.
    So if you are unlucky and your sites or database went down, and the last backup was a few days earlier before your web server failure, you may lose some of your data on the web sites.

    I already confirmed with Bluehost tech support on the “Courtesy Backup” policies that they have, which I have just mentioned above.

    So, beware of your data online :)

  2. Adam Wong on December 16th, 2008

    yea I figured..

    Anyways, I got my programmers to do proper backups for me now. Don’t wanna mess around with this kinda stuff.

  3. Jag Senghera on December 18th, 2008

    How about pc hard disk totally crashed on me 2 days back. I cant even recover any data from it, useless piece of S**T!

    Lucky I always backup my all my personal stuff and definitely the business files. Only about 3% of data lost was unrecoverable.

    YES BACKUP EVERYTHING MATE!! you dont know what might screw up and there goes your online business up with the flames.

  4. Adam Wong on December 21st, 2008

    Great to hear that, Jag. haha!

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