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Ok, I’m feeling like a major dumbass right now. I like kinda made a boneheaded mistake on one of my servers and some important files are like gone forever. Poof!

Anyway, that’s private stuff, but I want let you know I’m on Twitter right now. Well, I’ve actually had an account there for the longest time (a year maybe?), but I just never really got around to tweeting. If you don’t know what Twitter’s about, it’s basically this nifty little site that allows you to update your friends and stalkers about whatever it is the heck you’re doing right now.

So if you’re doing the garden, cutting a million dollar deal, or taking a dump – you can tweet that and let your friends know. If you’re asking why in the world would you wanna tell the world about what it is you’re doing (i had the same question myself — that’s why I didn’t tweet before), I just realized that people are naturally bored and having nothing better to do with their lives, so they’re naturally curious about what the other bored people are doing in their lives. But it’s wonderful! Really.

Obama used Twitter to great effect during his campaign and I mean if you’re interested in what the heck that bloke is doing 24/7, you’d follow his twitter right? And yes, over a quarter MILLION people (i think) follow his twitter. Which is amazing. He’s got a quarter million people glued to his every freaking move — but then he is president.

As a net marketer, I hope you’re starting too see how powerful twitter can be at connecting with people out there and to naturally create awareness about your online business and eventually drive traffic there as well. Very powerful. After email, twitter’s the tool that people respond to the most.

But you DON’T want to use twitter to spam people about your websites, products and sevice. It’s a networking tool and just like facebook, if you’re just using it to sell, sell, sell. It’s not gonna work. Look at this this way — Twitter’s kinda like microblogging (you can only type 140 characters per tweet). If your blog’s all about promos and products, NO one’s gonna be interested. But if your blog is interesting to read, funny, and helpful — you’re gonna gain a loyal audience. SAME with twitter.

If you’re not on it yet, I highly recommend you do. Because even if you don’t plan on twittering right now, you should still get an account because the url extensions are limited. So if you’re John Doe and some other guy’s already booked — too bad. You have to think of something else. Like for me some other chinese dude’s already snapped up /adamwong, so I had to go with adam_wong, which is still ok thankfully. But to make the point again – get your account quick.

I’ll be twittering more often form now onwards, so if you’re naturally bored/a stalker/wanna know what the heck I’m up to, you can follow me at


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  1. Selenium on February 19th, 2009

    Hi Adam, I’ve heard quite a bit about this twitter thing and got invitation too but never felt the urge to sign up…. until I read your blog today.

    You know what’s the critical statement? The book-your-name-early kiasuism, hahaha!

    BTW I like that part you said how people are naturally bored and also wanna know what boring stuff others do…. hey that sounds like me now!

  2. Wendy on March 27th, 2009

    Dear Adam,

    Heartiest congratulations on your success!

    Best regards,

  3. Joseph Ellis on July 11th, 2009

    Hi Adam

    Is this twitter similar to facebook ? Cause even there my friends tell me inane things like-I an going to blah blah

    I liked reading you stuff its interesting

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