How This Bastard Was Born!

Hey! It’s been about 3-4 weeks since Lucky Bastard! was launched in the bookstores and as a first time author, this is obviously a very exciting time for me. Anyways, first time anythings are always exciting! (Remember, the FIRST time you passed your driving test on your 176393396th attempt? Something like that exciting!)

Personally, I’ve only been around to two bookstores – Borders and Kinokuniya Orchard – and I’m REALLY stoked to see my book and name in bookstores. It is unreal sharing shelf space with luminaries like Kiyosaki and Obama. I’m a nobody!

According to a friend, Lucky Bastard! is #6 on the Border’s bestsellers list — she saw the list while she was there (but I didn’t catch it myself). So even though I wanna be number 1 in the entire freaking universe, this will do for now.

Anyway, I never thought I would EVER write a book in my life. I mean, writing just a blog post every now and then is tough enough. But an entire freaking book?! OMG. Too painful. I remember meeting some friends over a year back and one of them kinda confused me with Adam Khoo’s name on one particular book and he thought I wrote it. Whereupon, this look of incredulity came over me before I scowled “Noooooooo… I’d never write a book!” But looky here, one year on – I’m eating my own words.

If you’re wondering, this is how idea for the book came about. A year ago, I was on a private coaching program with Michel Fortin. Michel’s the #1 copywriter on the Internet today and an extremely successful Internet marketer and businessman as well.

So one day, Michel wrote an entry on his blog asking his readers to share their stories about how they got started in the world of Internet marketing. I read that blog post and decided to share my personal story with Michel on our private coaching platform. And this is what Michel had to say:

Now when I read that, I went “Wow! You mean people would actually pay to read about what I do?” It never really occurred to me that my knowledge was bankable because I was just simply doing what the Internet marketing gurus were teaching. But then, if Michel thought so, then he must be right.

Now even with someone like Michel backing me to write a book, I never really got into action at all (we all procrastinate — and I’m really good). I mean… like I mentioned earlier — write an entire freaking book?! Ughhh…

So as you can see from the screenshot above, that whole exchange happened April 2008. I got excited the very day Michel floated the idea to me and the very first page I wrote was my acknowledgments page. I was imagining my book already out and these were all the great people that helped me get to where I am now.

After I wrote that one page, I then procrastinated for 3 whole months, dilly-dallying, swinging back and forth about whether I should ever write that darn book. Until the Universe tapped my shoulder and quite explicitly told me to get the thing done. Seriously. This is how it happened.

I went down to this casting call – it was for some TV advertisement Starhub wanted to do, so my agency sent me to audition for the role. So anyway, I went down and this is the scene the casting studio wanted me act out — They wanted me to sit down at a desk and pretend I just finished typing my book, and celebrate as I hit the final keystroke to complete the book.


When I heard that, my brain was going whooooaaaaaa…… this can’t be real. This is TOO freaking coincidental. I was in daze the whole time I was at the audition (didn’t get the job anyway) going “Okaaaaaaaay… now I REALLY need to get the book started asap” (or I’ll get struck by lightning or whatever).

So after 3 months of procrastinating and deliberating, it needed a sheer act of providence to get my ass moving. Not that I mind anyway! It’s always nice to know that there are certain things you MUST get done.

So I took another 3 whole months to write the book. I spent every Sun-Thu night and wee morning (brain only works at those times!) typing away at the computer writing my book page by page, line by line, word by word. It was VERY painful at first because I’m a very slow writer. I really take the time to craft my sentences to express whatever the heck it is I want to share – it’s got to express my personality, ideas and essence at the time I write it.

So I’m a very slow writer. It can take me 20-30 minutes just to write ONE freaking page. ONE freaking page – half an hour! There were nights I spent 5-6 hours just completing four pages! Arghhh! And you know how a book has at least 150- 250 pages. I was DEAD.

Anyway, somehow bit by bit, the book started to take shape. I aimed to complete a chapter every week. And a chapter being 15-20 pages long. So I just wrote and wrote and freaking wrote. Every night for three whole months. Until finally one late afternoon (inexplicably writing at that time of day for some reason), I finished the thing! I hit the final keystroke and BAM! I completed the first draft of Lucky Bastard! All DONE. From acting out a similar scene at some casting call three months ago, I was now doing it for real for my own book. FUCKING AWESOME.

Of course, it didn’t end there. Now came the endless rounds of editing. You see, I’m a perfectionist PIG. I tinker my personal projects to death until I think it’s perfect enough to show to the world. I’m really bad (and good) this way. I’m actually much better now; I used to be terrible when I was younger. I’ve learnt to let go and let things be as I’ve grown older.

As for the book, I then spent the next month editing, adding, subtracting and rewriting portions of the draft until I was satisfied. I then handed it over to an editor to clean up the manuscript, got it back and then I tinkered some more! Gawd! I’m terrible! In fact, I tinkered with the book all the way till the final week before print! Mad! But it being my first (and maybe my only) book, I wanted it to be as ‘perfect’ and as true to my heart as I wanted it to be.

I can know safely say I’m pretty satisfied with what I’ve come up with. There are things I’d like to change here and there still, but if I go on, it never ends does it? There are still typos and errors here and there (if you spot any, please let me know. Thanks!) but I’m happy and the book is out there now sitting pretty in the bookstores.

And speaking of pretty, the bright orange cover was no accident either (but of course, everything in life happens by design). When I first imagined how my book cover would look like, bright eye catching orange popped into my head. And I guess it kinda stuck. We had a white cover design done up as well, which was really nice too. But I went for the orange, because in a sea of books you want people to take notice.

Which is of course why I chose to name the book Lucky Bastard! buahahhahaa! I mean, what if I were to name it “Internet Marketing 101” or “How To Make Money Online”? Decent enough, but it doesn’t stop people in its tracks. I betcha if you were to browse through a bookstore and come across a book that screamed “You F___king Twit!” (hahahahhaha!) — I mean you’d stop and at least pick up the book to find out more, right?

And I’m not the first anyway. There’s a New York Time’s bestseller called Skinny Bitch (a diet book), Rich Dad, Poor Dad, online there’s the Rich Jerk. So the formula works. Because I learnt this from somewhere; people DON’T buy books (because they haven’t read the thing yet), they buy book titles.

When I realized that tiny bit of fact, I went “ohhhhh… that’s true.” Cos that’s the way I buy my books anyway. So BAM! Lucky Bastard! Great title! I think I really picked the right name for this book because it really suits the whole essence of what I’m doing. Just have some freaking fun while you’re doing the stuff you’re doing in life. Besides… who needs another ‘boring’ IM book, there are tons out there already. I can’t compete.

So to leave with some bit of inspiration, I just wanna share with you that for any goal you have right now – just do it! Like me, I had NO idea how I was going to write a book. Never done anything like that before, no idea how to start, and I wasn’t sure if it was going to succeed or not. But it got done. Not in one night or two or three. From idea to manifestation, it took 10 MONTHS. It got done step by step.

And it is AMAZING.

To see something that only existed in your mind. An idea, the bright orange cover, the vision of it on shelves of major bookstores — all of that was just imagination. But now it’s manifest into reality. I tell ya, when you do stuff like this; to see something that’s only in your head and have it made real, you know you can CREATE the very world and life you want. Might not take a day, or two or three. But you get there in the end.

So! If you’re interested to know more about the book, I’d be really pleased. You can go to and download the first chapter of the book absolutely free. You’ll receive in your inbox when you opt-in and I hope you enjoy the read.

Follow your bliss,


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  1. Michel on February 27th, 2009

    Wow. I’m so honored, Adam. Thank you, and I’m so glad for you. I’ve bought your book — I’m sure we will be recommending it!

    Again, congradulations!

  2. JT on February 27th, 2009

    And how long did you take to type out this post?

    LOL! It’s about 4 pages on MS Word… 😛

  3. Wen Qi on February 27th, 2009

    Nice entry, that’s the power of attraction. =D

    Hope to see more of your works!

  4. Adam Wong on February 27th, 2009

    OMG. Michel Fortin bought my book. haha!

    Thanks, Michel! Said I’d send you an autographed one. Look out for it. Thanks for inspiration in the first place. Wouldn’t have happened without you.

  5. Adam Wong on February 27th, 2009


    I think almost 2 hours. Man…

  6. Calvin Woon on February 27th, 2009

    hey Adam,


    You’re not just ‘lucky’ but someone who dares to dream and bothers to do something about it.

    Shall grab a copy the next time I pass by a bookstore!

    More good things to come your way I’m sure! :)



  7. Andrew on February 27th, 2009

    You are the man, Adam!

    The book rocks. If there is ANYONE reading this and you are thinking about starting your Internet business, buy this book…it is full of real examples (which you can copy!).


  8. Aaron on February 27th, 2009

    Congrats! i read your book already.
    I didnt get the real one.
    I posted u a comment about if the book was gonna launch in Malaysia and didn’t get a reply from u.
    So i bought the ebook.
    Read in a week!
    Great book!
    Love the story that you shared with us.

    Good luck with everything man!

  9. Lenz on February 27th, 2009

    Hey, congratulations!

    Don’t stop at 1!

  10. Steven Lee on February 27th, 2009

    Hi Adam, I read your post with great hope. U see, I’m running a construction firm building private residential houses. As u know, when market is bad, not helped by banks tightening their credits, propective clients have decided to shelve their projects…hence I’m thinking of other ways to supplement my dwindling income. I’m no expert in computer esp Internet Marketing but am willing to learn. Will you be my personal mentor? (keep’g my fingers cross)…………………………

  11. Adam Wong on March 1st, 2009

    Wow! thank you people!

  12. isa on March 2nd, 2009


  13. Jeffery on March 2nd, 2009

    Make your own luck and you can make it in life.

  14. Andrew on March 3rd, 2009

    Hey Adam

    Can I just ask, what is it like when you decide to drop out of school? What was your decision process, what went through your mind and how was life like after that?


  15. Adam Wong on March 9th, 2009

    Hey Andrew,

    Well I wasn’t rash at all, if you’re thinking. I decided to suspend my studies for a year to see how well I could do in IM full time.

    If it didn’t work out too well, I’d simply go back to school again. And as you know, it turned alright. So I didn’t go back.

    I realized that I was more passionate, interested and joyful whenever my mind was on IM/business/money. But I felt blah whenever I was in school attending lectures and learning theory. So the choice was obvious, even though it wasn’t an easy one to make at the beginning.

  16. Rowena Pangolino on March 12th, 2009

    Hi Adam.

    I am very interested with the book. Is it already out in the Philippines? I will got a free copy of the 1st chapter to read. Thanks for that.

    I’ve learned a lot from youe emails.


  17. Adam Wong on March 12th, 2009

    Hey Rowie,

    Thanks for the interest! I don’t think it’s in the Philippines yet. You could always opt for the digital copy if you like:

    Glad you find the emails helpful!


  18. Tony on March 17th, 2009

    HI Adam,

    I just bought your book at Page One this afternoon. Time to get some serious reading and find out for myself for a mid-career switch to IM…. Cheers.


  19. Adam Wong on March 23rd, 2009

    Hey Tony,

    Thanks for the support! Hope you enjoy the read!


  20. Tony on March 25th, 2009

    Hi Adam,

    Thanks for the reply. I finished the whole book within two days! I must say, you really explain very clearly and show detail step by step way to create a business on line. Well, your book inspire and spur me to start up a page at Squidoo and got my clickbank account setup. Will keep you posted once I publish my first (trial) Affiliate marketing site. I will keep your advise in mind to write / produce a digital product. In fact, I am so inspired, I bought Adam Khoo’s “Secret of Self-Made Millionaire” and finished reading all in two days time! Cheers.


  21. Adam Wong on March 25th, 2009

    Wow! Two days! I turned an IM manual into a page turner? haha! Glad you enjoyed and breezed through the book.

    All the best dude!

  22. Joe on December 20th, 2009

    Hello, just saw this book on the shelves in B2S in Bangkok. Had a flick through but didn’t buy it I’m afraid although it does look good.

    Well done!

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