Easy Rich?

Oh I have to blog about this one because whenever I see sites like this out there, it makes me cringe…

Have a look at this site (url blacked out for his sake):

Adam Wong

Look at that! Doesn’t it just look so ehhhh… ‘scammy’?

Disclaimer! I did not say it was a scam. I just said it looks ‘scammy’

Ok let’s carry on shall we?

As you scroll down and read this salesletter, it blabs about how easy it is to make money online, it guarantees you $15,000 in two weeks, how this guy just bought a new car, and all that flash and bang, blah blah blah!

And then he shows you the “proof”!

Adam Wong

Ok. Couple of things wrong with this screenshot.

No. 1 is that under his Daily Sales, his Day, Dates, Sales and Rows are NOT in line. It’s jagged all over! If you have a Clickbank account (go take a look), you know that everything is nicely aligned.

So what is this guy up to?

Either he has a very unique Clickbank account or he’s doing some very awful cutting and pasting.

No. 2 is his Clickbank nickname which is Nic. At first glance, there doesn’t seem much wrong with that. But there is.

Clickbank requires that your nickname must be between 5-10 digits long! Take a look at the Clickbank signup page:

Adam Wong

Nuff said!

Either this guy has a very unique Clickbank account or he’s doing something ‘creative’ (and being bad at math at the same time.)

Next. You scroll down and he shows you more “proof”:

Adam Wong

Nice cheque.

This one’s hard to spot to. I compared it to the cheques I got and everything looks good. But the giveaway again with this cheque is the Clickbank nickname: Nic

If Clickbank doesn’t allow 3 letter nicknames, there’s no way you can receive a cheque like this.

The only way I can be wrong here is that maybe Clickbank used to accept shorter nicknames (I wouldn’t know because I wasn’t there from the start) but I could safely assume that’s unlikely.

Ok, you scroll down somemore and he tells you how easy it is, guarantees you make at least $10,000/month, you only need 15 mins to do this (I shit longer than that and he’s telling me I can make 5 digits in 15 mins), shows you a bunch of “testimonials”, etc…

And so you get to the end and you see the order button. Except that this order button is an affiliate link! This guy doesn’t even have a damn product! He’s just sending you to another salesletter to buy something else so he can get the commissions.

Adam Wong

You look at the footer and you see even MORE affiliate links to other products. We all know that in a REAL salesletter, you do not have any affiliate links at all. Because you want to sell your own product and not have visitors clicking away somewhere else.

But since this joker has no product at all, he might as well just add a few more affiliate links and see if that captures some sales.

And oh ya, he has that web counter (the black circles with numbers inside) there as well. How silly is that?

I’m amazed at how some people can just dare to put up such crap online and make money off people like this! It’s sad. And it gives a bad name to internet marketing.

There’re lots of quality products on the internet and it’s people and websites like this that just smear the whole thing for us. I have some friends who really think that internet marketing isn’t for real and that’s all scammy. All thanks to idiots like this.

Ok and the last part that’s gonna get this bozo into trouble…

This is his header graphic:

Adam Wong

Nothing fancy. but it looks vaguely (or very) similar to this:

Ewen Chia

This is the old header graphic for Ewen Chia’s Secret Affiliate Weapon.

Does this guys have the balls to rip off a big name or what? He didn’t just copy the header, he swiped the background (the blue stripes behind) as well! He must be an idiot. Maybe Ewen will sue him for fun…

Oh! And by the way, this is “Nic”

Oh that was mean… because that may not be the real Nic at all and he just swiped some guy’s photo to stick on his site.

But anyway, this is irrefutable PROOF that stupid people still exist on this fine earth. No wonder the aliens still wanna avoid us.


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  1. Stuart on January 25th, 2007

    Hey Adam,

    Check the sister site:


    Look at the Clickbank colors, the cheque and tell me what you think.

    Did some snooping also at my blog

    I also found this:

    Watch out for the Ultimate Wealth Package. Be diligent, people!
    Whois tells me that this dude is called Frank Seet. Devious bastard.

  2. Phil on January 26th, 2007

    Found your website while researching my next post. Keep up the good work


    Phil Miranda

  3. Low Hang Wei on January 27th, 2007

    I think the face should be removed, because it’s likely he just posted a photograph of someone he hates. :) If he can rip off the header, he can rip off people’s face as well. That’s certainly unethical, but yeah, bast***s still exists in this world.

    However, I think that it might be pretty unfair to brand Ultimate Wealth Package as a scam too, since the owner of UWP do not know all his affiliates. Since a lot of people have bought the product before according to its popularity on clickbank, maybe some of them will comment on this blog. :)

    Adam says:
    Read my post and I have never mentioned Ultimate Wealth Package as a scam anywhere.

  4. Cheow Yu Yuan on January 27th, 2007

    Hi adam, i have also been looking into this ultimate wealth package thingy, as personally i have been researching on the different types of internet business models around. This package has since been picking up in singapore.

    What do u think of this package?

    Adam says:
    I wouldn’t touch it. Get Derek Gehl’s Insider’s Secrets, that’s the bible of IM in my opinion.

  5. Calvin on January 27th, 2007

    Hey hey,

    Haha.. that’s a really good one. I’ve actually read your previous post on another supposedly online scam and couldn’t help laughing. But this one is even funnier…

    And the most amazing thing is the website mentioned has been on google adwords for ages! So it just shows that many innocent people are really getting scammed into buying through his link.

    I truly wonder if the Singaporeans mentioned inside are aware of this or are they in this together… Hmm…

    Good work Adam! You shall be the internet scam buster! Maybe you should compile more of these into an ebook haha!



  6. […] This is a warning to all you people who are visiting my site. I haven’t had time to check my Adsense account to block him off, so please be warned about this bozo (yes, it is the same guy, advertising TWO sites). All research point out to these ads being a scam. […]

  7. Calvin on January 29th, 2007

    Hi there,

    ehz yup I would have to say that the Ultimate Wealth Package is seriously over rated. I actually bought the package some time back and I must say I kinda regretted it. And yes, Derek Gehl’s Insider Secrets is truly the bible of IM. If anyone can only afford one guide, go for that!



  8. […] Singaporeans listen up! Heard of the EasyRich.sg? Well… Adam Wong shares that its nothing but scam. […]

  9. […] In fact, recently, I came across a blog post about someone literally busted an Internet scam by looking closely at the sales letter. […]

  10. Lawliet on January 30th, 2007

    hello Adam, I am hoping you can expose scam sites like


    as well. Gotta say a job well done.

  11. Stuart on January 30th, 2007

    Just wanted you to know that Aunty Irene emailed me today… and I was tracking the IP…

  12. Wz` on January 30th, 2007

    I personally bought UWP before , its not bad package after all. Lots of software and ebooks can be found within the membership. Eachrichsg is just another website that promotes UWP, and i also its not really true to earn those figures within 2weeks.

    UWP is more for beginner IM .. that’s my view.

  13. Donna D. on February 1st, 2007

    WOW! Great job, Adam!
    Thanks for sharing it. It’s really amazing what people can do nowadays.
    You deserved the Scam busters award that Stuart has created for you. 😀

  14. shan on February 2nd, 2007

    Hi i just chanced upon your website thorugh a google adv.
    i have infact bought theultimate wealth package…but it’s been like a mths…i have yet to make any cent!

    any advice?

    Adam says:
    Google Ad? I don’t do any PPC…

    But anyway, since it’s been months I don’t think you qualify for a refund. Go invest in a REAL internet marketing course like Derek Gehl’s Insider Secrets. Buy it, study it and apply. You’ll be making money.

  15. Fatimah on February 3rd, 2007

    Thanks for sharing this valuable info. I am a newbie in internet / network marketing, just started to try it out a few weeks back.

    It is very difficult to pick out the genuine opportunites from all the scams out there.

    I came across this easyrich website so many times, and thought that maybe something “endorsed” by a Singaporean must be legitimate.

    But I had my doubts and started to search more about this. Lucky I found your site, and also Stuart’s blog which also says something about it.

    I can’t thank you both enough….

    I look forward to learn more from your site.

    Adam says:
    Hey Faitmah, you’re very welcome!

  16. Adwin on February 3rd, 2007

    Hi adam,

    Nice write up. Maybe one of these day you will publish a book to educated people on how to identify scam online and be the king of anti-scam.

    Just a word to people who keep buying products and think can make money online.
    1) Don’t expect there is a miracle pill to make money ( fact there is none)
    2) Don’t over expect a ebook or a course to produce the kind of vodoo result you wanted (Never exist)
    3) Seriously Like John have said ” You got to know your why”
    4) You need to be consistence. Check up the dictionary for this word. Seriously you might not know the real meaning.
    5) Hard work is required. Don’t expect wonders. But doesn’t mean you need to work hard.

    Thanks adam for the write up. Great job! This is what I call hard work.


  17. Ryan on February 4th, 2007

    dammn.. how nice if this was posted earlier.. i wouldnt have bought this rubbish package.. zzz.. but nevertheless.. it is better late than never..

  18. jj on February 10th, 2007

    Hi There.
    Just want to share this with fellow singaporeans.I have been on medical leave since last year due to an accident.My resources was drying up pretty fast as i’m the sole-breadwinner to a family of five.Decided to search for a work at home job to generate extra income to make ends meet.I bought UWP (from Nic) after reading and searching through the net.Little did i know this was a scam. Spend hours on the net reading and applying hoping to make some money.Till today i have not made a single cent.
    Luckily,i happen to surf by your site and i would like to thank you for exposing this scam.Manage to get a refund in time.Just check with my bank and found that the money has been refunded.Thank you once again.You are a life saver.I do hope that others would not fall into his trap.
    Any advice for a fellow singaporean.Thks in advance

    ### This Scam should be forwarded to STOMP.

    Adam says:
    Thank you for your comment. I personally don’t think that UWP’s a scam. Maybe it just doesn’t deliver in terms of value that you’d expect. I wouldn’t know because I’ve not bought it. But regardless of that, my gripe isn’t with UWP, it’s the dishonest salesletters by certain affiliates of it.

  19. jj on February 11th, 2007

    I think i may have misconstrue. I do not have any rage with UWP but with Nic(Frank Seet) .Anyway i believe in karma.So lets wait and see.
    I have been reading your blog and i must say that is very interesting and fruitful.Wishing you all the best in your undertakings.Cheers.

  20. Calvin on February 24th, 2007

    Hi again adam,

    I personally think that UWP is not scam, even though I didn’t bought it, but people who promoting like that Nic maybe a scam..

    I found some forums talking about UWP and in the forums, there’s people saying that UWP is a good ebook for newbies but there’s lots of grammar mistake..

    So i think if newbies wanna to promote UWP, it is better to write your own reviews about UWP and also show proper proof like Ewen chia who is a super no. 1 affiliate on the internet..

  21. Far on June 27th, 2008

    Hi ALL,

    I just want to know for those who can get their refund back. Can you share the process how you it back? Did you email the promoter and asking for refund? or you request to the bank for refund?

    Because I want to help some of my friends who bought one of the products which sounds crap and I show them Adam’s blog and they regretted it, but they said still got a chance to get a refund and they just don’t know how. Can some of you have this kind experience and share with me?

  22. Adam Wong on June 29th, 2008

    Hey Far,

    I’m sure your friends made the transaction through Clickbank. If you did, you can simply request the refund yourself.


    But if it is over the guarantee period, there’s not much you can do there. Unless you somehow manage to contact the guy and he decides to paypal you your refund. Unlikely…

  23. Tony on August 3rd, 2008


    From my research, the simplyrichsg.com site is an affiliate website selling UWP. UWP is already being close by clickbank due to whatever clickbank reasons.

    Someone call me yesterday and told me that he is actively promoting affiliate program by Ewen Chia, the interesting part is most or every other program have a squeeze page. Ewen Chia programs definitely have squeeze page on all his programs.

    Now if someone were to go into the affiliate site of Ewen’s programs without entering any data in the squeeze page and proceed to buy, the clickbank ID is the ID of the affiliate selling Ewen program.

    The dirty part is if someone go into the affiliate site of Ewen’s program and entered data in the squeeze page and enter submit and then proceed to buy, the clickbank ID is change to someother ID.

    He tested this on all of Ewen’s program and noticed that the clickbank ID is always changed to one particular clickbank ID. Noticing this and feeling quite angry he called Ewen’s home telephone number which was answered by his wife Irene. After giving her an earful of the affiliate ID changes, he tested the affiliate program about 10 minutes later and noticed it is being retified and no more changes of clickbank affiliate ID.

    As you are an IM, I wanted you to know that such a thing is happenning. Please do let me know what you think of this, is it legal or illegal.

    I have also noticed this when that someone did this test and I have also teste it myself.

    Best Regards

  24. Adam Wong on August 6th, 2008

    Hey Tony,

    I thought I should give it a test and everything was fine on my end. I really do think there was a minor screw up there (hopefully!)

    Affiliate theft is pretty common online and it’s not illegal but it is unethical. You can cloak your links but anyone with enough IM experience could still get round it – CB products are really easy for example.

  25. usrinivas on August 25th, 2008

    please send contact details

  26. Tony on August 25th, 2008


    Sometime it only happen for a short while, but if you can right now 2130hrs 25082008 test this.

    After this time it may not be there.

    But you must enter data in the squeeze page and submit and proceed to purchase.


    Best Regards

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