Identity Theft… Nasty!

I just received this great comment and great comments are to be shared!

But first a bit of background, I wrote an earlier post about how bozos go around doing stupid dishonest things online just to make a quick buck. You can read it here: Avoid Crap Like This!

Ok, if you’ve already read that, you’d know I talk really straight to the point and I don’t mince my words about how I feel about what these people are doing online. And so my opinions prompted this comment from a reader:

Nita Says:

Qoute”I don’t get it. Since this guy already has the creativity, balls and effort to put up something like this. Why doesn’t he just channel his energies to a REAL online business instead and make money the right way?”

Adam, this is just affiliate marketing. I am also doing the same, you can check out my site as well.

I do not see why you are complaining about people who are affiliates of clickbank publishers when you yourself is into clickbank marketing.

To which I replied:

Adam says:
Read the post again.

I am NOT knocking affiliate marketing nor UWP. I’m knocking idiots who use fake screenshots to dupe people into buying products (direct or affiliated).

I mean which is true, my gripe’s with dishonest salesletters and nothing else. And so I thought I made myself clear in my reply to Nita. But you can imagine my surprise when the ‘REAL’ Nita placed a comment after all of this:

Name: Nita

Hi Adam,

I’m Nita. I don’t know who commented here earlier using my name but I’m sure its not me.
I’ve been following your blog and I was supprise to see a reply using my name on it and mentioning my website. I certainly will not say I’m doing the same because I’m not. But I do agree with what you did.

These guys never apply anything if they ever bother to learn about affiliate marketing. All they did is to use PPC to get people to get into their site and be taken in by what they claim easy wealth. Think about it, If they don’t know SEO, cookies, Marketing techniques, how to get traffic without having to pay, etc, how would they even know how to give basic guidance to newbies.

Let me share with everyone why so. I make my living online not 100% relying on income from UWP but my main business comes from promoting other CB products like PSP downloads, Music, Movies downloads, as you can see in my online

When I was a newbie, Uwp was the first guide that I come across. I learn so much reading the uwp secrets and strategy and the updated wealth book and most of the programs proves usefull for me.

I bet most people failed is not because that they are stupid or even because the systems/program doesn’t work. Most importantly is the mindset on how badly you wants it, or how desperate are you and what you will do to get them.

I bet these guys didn’t even read up to page 10 or never even see what the program is all about. Or even worst, never even purchase uwp for themself.

What these guys did resulted in giving UWP a bad name. And I am certain its not affiliate marketing that they are doing. But rather in making false claims and cheating others into buying something even they don’t know what it is all about.

But from my personnal experience, UWP is very usefull in providing over 150 free ebooks and programs for free to its members in the VIP members area. TO claim that one makes over a million on one check is a really dump claim that even an idiot would be smart enough not to make such claims.

I learn alot using what UWP provides me with. I get reasonable alexa ranking at times better than those using PPC and I never use PPC (Pay Per Click). Using the free tools and guide I get good ranking in search engines.

But please remember that I’m just as blank when I started and woman normaly don’t understand about things like this as easily as men does. But I learn also a great deal from many of the best in the industries and believe me if I tell you they are many big names and true Gurus in there.

As every IMteers know there are many ways in doing this business and most important you’ll need to be a specialist in one way to make it but still not forgeting other ways of course.

What I see, many of you guys who follow stuart and adams blogging methods. While I am more into forum marketing, free advertising and some other secret strategy. I work really hard in droping my links in forums and posting free ads for my site and my online mart to get my quality targeted traffic. Sales are mostly from products which are not money making related.

Currently my CB id is being suspended and I am waiting for it to be reactivated. Reasons because I post pictures of my clickbank check at my site. Adam might have a part to be blame in this indirectly because I saw him puting his check in his blog and I thought its fine to do that. Learn the hard way because this happens to be against CB’s liking.

For those who never seen a clickbank check, looks like you’ll have to get your own check in order to see one. The check has changed alot for year 2007 in format i meant. In the descriptions, fonts and style. There even is a black box around the signature making it looks more like the signature is being printed rather than signed.

Also wanna share with everyone that I receive an email from Stuart Tan about last week the day my id got suspended. (wonder if he as got anything to do with this incident) I doubt so. I’ve been visiting his site and he seems like a nice guy to start with. But I got a little suprise as to what he emailed me.

Messages: Hello Nita,

I will create website let visitor step by step buy direct form
clickbank have 75% discount of your ultimate wealth package. hope you don’t get
sales anymore.
Have Free time come to
visit my site :

join my new Class step by step kill affiliate website and spam.

Happy chinese new year !!!

Maybe he had a bad day or something, THis email got me a little confuse but I’lll just forget about it and still continue to think he is a nice guy. Mainly because he looks nice and friendly. It is good that he gives good knowledge to others.

I guess it is difficult for many to accept success as it is. There will still others who will think that success should never happen and if it happens something must not be right somewhere. But it is even more difficult to differentiate the crystal and glass on the internet. A glass will cut you but a crystal will make look nise

Sorry if this comment is too long. Like most ladies, onces I start chating my mouth, Its too dificult to stop.


Wow! Really long but i like it.

And I will assume that this is really Nita this time because it’s obvious that this time alot more time and effort was put into the comment. It’s someone who really has something to share or to make clear and hence the loooong comment on my blog. Someone who’s not serious wouldn’t type this much (generally…).

Which brings me to a few points:

If someone really did impersonate Nita just to place a comment, I think that’s nasty! What’s up with the identity theft?

Imagine if someone just went around doing these sort of things just to create some discord, I think that’s just nasty! Just like the idoit who’s impersonating Stuart and emailing a idiotic email to Nita! What’s up with that? Stuart too handsome for you?

And how do I know it ain’t Stuart?

First off, the english is horrendous (did I spell that right?) in the email. I mean Stuart’s english is way good. Like almost as good as mine (or better actually.. ha!)

But anyway, he doesn’t have the time to do mindless juvenile things like this. He’s got a business to run and he’s making more than enough money NOT to care about selling a $49.95 ebook for commissions and stealing it away from someone else.

Like come on, the email’s from some lowlife!

It’s probably some idiot who was too much time on his hands and because nobody likes him enough to have sex with him, he has this sad inferiority complex and pathetic need for attention and so he goes around pretending to be some else just so that for one microsecond in his life, he can feel good being not himself. (let’s assume it’s a guy.)

So Nita, it’s not Stuart, it’s an ugly lonely man who wants your attention. (run!)

So anyway, that was just to clear things up for you, just so you know that Stuart would never do such a thing like that, only lonely, sex deprieved lowlifes have the mindless time to spend on juvenility (if that’s not a word, then I invented it) like that.


Ok side note now… it seems Clickbank now doens’t allow proof on income to be shown on websites or something like that. I heard that rumour from Rob Benwell and looks like it’s true. But if it is, that’d be sucky for most marketers.

Anyway, thanks for the comment, Nita!


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  1. Nita on February 15th, 2007

    Thanks Adam. You are a great guy and so is Stuart I believe.
    Yeah like you have said, Stuart has way better english and better manners. I’ve seen his video on his blog.
    Stay cool always.


    Nita 😉

  2. Rachit on February 15th, 2007

    Wow … people have so much time that they can impersonate others! Somewhere in Tanjong Pagar, Stuart has a itch on his nose from the lousy english being used on his behalf … haha …

    P.S. – I like the tag “sex deprived idiots” Adam

  3. Calvin on February 16th, 2007

    Manz.. Haha.. This is really getting interesting.. Seems like a drama to me

    But seriously I don’t understand why did that guy try to impersonate Nita.. I mean what is there to gain from it??

    Most importantly, it really shows that there are lotsa impersonators and low lifes around… From the two crappy sites, to the Nita impersonator.. And to that even more low life who can’t even write in basic english..

    I mean the english is really horrendous.. Poor Stuart though

    Wonder who will be the next victim? Anw this blog is really turning into a mini soap opera adam.. Haha!

  4. Charles on February 17th, 2007

    You know Adam, I just can’t help but admire you and your blog…

    You have so much drama here and attracting all the traffic because of “drama hook”, so damn smart of you!

    But best of all is you setting the stage for other “dramatists” to come, aha….

    Adam says:
    Is it?

    Oh no.. I can’t be too drama. I better start provide more “serious” info.
    Leave the drama to American Idol…

  5. Alex on February 18th, 2007

    Seems like after busting out, “Irene Lim” has made significant improvement to “her” website. All the flaws you pointed out had been corrected. Hahaha. You have teach her an internet marketing lesson for free! You ought to charge her. 😛

    Adam says:
    Haha! yup I took at look at it and all the tell-tale “I’m lying” signs are gone. oh well….

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