Wuuuu… I Love New Year Ang Pows!

The year of the pig started off flying for me! (haha.. pigs. fly.) And I’ll tell you why…

I woke up yesterday morning afternoon just like any other day. And usually the first thing I do when I slumber off my bed is I hop over to my laptop just to check my email.

I’m like having email addiction or something (nasty!) and so I hop on over, wake up my computer and go straight to my gmail and I got a very pleasant New Year surprise!

Take a look at this:

Clickbank Sales

I thought I needed to rub my sleepy eyes because at first I thought I was seeing things. But noooo…… it was really all these sales sitting in my inbox gleefully greeting my waking eyeballs! Amazing! (some details omitted for privacy)

Now after my brain woke and was starting to function properly, I thought that it had to be someone with a pretty nice list endorsing SSMM to them. And yes it was!

What I didn’t expect was that it was one of the Internet marketing heavyweights doing it, namely: David Vallieres!

He’s like my Chinese New Year Santa Claus now! hahahha!

Anyway, I sent an email thanking him for this and to tell him we really, really appreciate his support and endorsement.

Now what’s really special about David is that this ISN’T his first time promoting SSMM! He did so the very first time I launched SSMM, which was way back in Aug 2006 and he played such a HUGE part in my initial online success.

I can honestly say that I may not be here doing what I’m doing if not for David Vallieres. I’m serious. I’m deeply indebted to his actions and truly appreciative of what he’s made possible for me. *sob*

Anyway… this is seriously an amazing way to kick off the New Year with David V handing out some really hefty ang pows! haha!

It feels good!

So if you want to know more about David Vallieres, do check him out. He’s been making money online since 1996(!) and he’s the real deal.

Sign up to his list because he really does add a LOT of value to his subscribers and you get his free report “Fail Fast!” as well. And you get to find out what he looks like as well! haha..

David Vallieres

Here’s wishing all of you a good year ahead as well!

And David, if you’re reading this, I’d like to say – “Thanks a million! You’ve got yourself a real fan here…”


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