Are These Two Dudes The Same Guy?

Dude A

Michel Fortin

Dude B

Michel Fortin

Ummm.. yes!

It’s amazing what a beard and a bald pate can do for your looks. But anyway… before I get into trouble (haha!), this here is Michel Fortin, one of the pre-eminent copywriters out there.

I stumbled across his site somehow and I was just blown away with the amount of solid copywriting information he provided for free! It’s actually a 2.5 hour video where he literally critiques and rips aparts his client’s salesletters, telling him what he should and shouldn’t do.

I just had my ass stuck to my seat for 2.5 hours just learning from this man, how he thinks and how he comes up with ideas to improve copy. I totally enjoyed and if you’re looking for a great copywriting video, check this one out at The Copy Doctor.

Really good.


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