How To Find A Legit Product To Market

Here’s a question: Hi Adam, I’m a starter to this entire IM and affiliate marketing thingy and have been trying to find some legit product to market. Problem is i went browsing through ClickBank but most of the products, after doing some research, i found that they appear to be fake. why i say appear […]

Marlon Sanders Exposed!

Omigod! This is hilarious. And also a great lesson in how you can use video to do affiliate marketing.

Making Over US$2,300.00 In A Few Days

So to follow up on my previous post. I ran an experiment on my list weeks back, where I conducted a survey asking them what were they interested to learn the most from us. And the No.1 result I got was ‘How To Make A Full-Time Income Online’. So knowing that was the thing that […]

75% Commissions And Why You Should Give Them

If you’re selling digital products, you’d know the most basic level of commissions you should give is 50%. People expect that as a minimum nowadays and yes, we do see most ebooks, software, etc giving out commissions at that level. (If you’re offering a measly 8% comm, wake up! Coz you’re not Amazon haha..) So […]