Really short post this week. You may have noticed this tiny widget at the bottom of every post here. It’s called ShareThis and it’s really useful. If you have a wordpress blog, you can install the plugin and have it up and running in less than 5 minutes. ShareThis plugin ShareThis is like this all-in-one-godzilla […]

How To Use Humour To Spice Up Your Content

Can you believe it? This blog is nearly two years old! Never thought I’d actually blog in my life, but anyway… Like I mentioned previously, I took a little break away from blogging and had some time to just absorb what I’ve put down so far on this site. And I noticed my About page […]

How To Engage Your Readers

After having stopped regularly blogging for the last many months. I was able to take a step back and have an objective view of what I’ve achieved over the last one and half years, and how I managed to share my real-life marketing experiences with my blog readers. So as I was just surfing through […]

One A Day…

HahA! As you can see I’m doing my utmost to churn out one blog post a day right now. And you might be asking why the hell I’m doing so much typing. Well, the more regularly you post to your blog, the more traffic you get. And I want more. Never hurts. So I’m just […]