How Scammers Fake Their Clickbank Earnings

Take a look at this video: Haha! Ok, besides the really cute accent (I’m sorry, I was bursting out laughing when I watched it) I think this video is a really great warning to Internet newbies out there that what you see is not always what you get on the Internet. If it’s so easy […]

Is This Really A Scam?

Hey ye’all, I’m writing this post in response this post I knocked up more than a year ago, because it still receives lots of views and comments to this day. If you haven’t come across it yet, have a read: OK, now that you’ve got some background, let me proceed with my frank opinions. […]

Identity Theft… Nasty!

I just received this great comment and great comments are to be shared! But first a bit of background, I wrote an earlier post about how bozos go around doing stupid dishonest things online just to make a quick buck. You can read it here: Avoid Crap Like This! Ok, if you’ve already read that, […]

Avoid Crap Like This!

In one of my previous blog posts, I talked about a certain scammy-looking site and how you most probably wouldn’t even want to touch it with a ten foot pole. I didn’t reveal the URL but now in the best interests of my readers, it’s . Avoid that site at all costs! Read my […]

Scam Buster Award Winner!

Yes! Ahahahha! I’m the winner of the very first Scam Buster award! I’m deeply honoured to Stuart Tan and his forum to have given me this inaugural award and also to all the bad scammers out there, thank you for being stupid enough to do such a piss poor job of scamming people. I couldn’t […]

Easy Rich?

Oh I have to blog about this one because whenever I see sites like this out there, it makes me cringe… Have a look at this site (url blacked out for his sake): Look at that! Doesn’t it just look so ehhhh… ‘scammy’? Disclaimer! I did not say it was a scam. I just said […]

Get A Load Of This Bozo!

Oh man, you guys have got to see this one! Who does he think I am? An idiot!? I’m a Mensan with an IQ so high that next to me, your existence wilts to a sorry attempt at impersonating intelligent life on Earth! (shameless plug + caustic insult…) Take a look at this email I […]

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