7 Reasons Why You Should Use An Autoresponder

If you’ve been doing IM for some time, then I’m sure that this will be the most important tool you’ll ever possess in your online business (other than your brain, of course. If that’s screwed, well… too bad!). In fact, your autoresponder is so important that when one millionaire Internet marketer was asked which one […]

Dang! I Missed The Discount

I’m sure you’ve come across websites where just as you’re about to leave, a window pops up and this friendly operator chats with you to entice you to stay on site and hopefully purchase the product on offer. Of course, we all know that the friendly operator is just a software program, so don’t bother […]

Do Trial Offers Work All That Well?

I though I should share about my personal experience with using trial offers to market your products. I’m sure you know what they’re all about. Instead of paying a full price for a product from the get-go, with a trial offer a customer gets to test a product for certain number of days for a […]

The Power Of Testimonials

I just launched my new business website over at IntellectiveMarketing.com and if you were to take a look at it, you’ll see that it is NOT designed in your traditional corporate website manner. I incorporated a lot of direct marketing elements into the website because as an Internet marketer myself, my website has to walk […]

The 7 Deadly Sins Of Business Websites

I just finished writing this new report – The 7 Deadly Sins Of Business Websites. As you can tell from the title, this report is about the most common mistakes that business websites make that cost them to lose money. I’ve pin-pointed these mistakes and put them all down in this report so business owners […]

The Anatomy Of A Money-Making Site

Today I’m going to bring you behind the scenes of how I create a money-making website. I’ll be using a LIVE example that’s making money right now and I’ll show how I structured the entire website and the sales process so that everything runs on autopilot. Well, I hope that gets you jumping in your […]

Raise Your Prices!

Ok, after that spot of fun in my last post (life’s too short to be serious), I guess it’s time to write about things a bit more ahem… serious. . Like money stuff. Anyway, I learned a tip from a marketer, Sean D’Souza, about raising prices for your products. He shared that most businesses are […]

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