I’m on National TV in the USA!

Whoa! It’s been what? Over a year since I last posted anything on this blog, but something really EXCITING happened recently and I just gotta share this bit of news with everyone. Have a look see: I took a trip down to the Florida this summer and I was interviewed as a guest expert on […]

3 Years On … What A Ride!

When I fist started this blog on a whim three years ago, I had no idea where this project was going to take me and where I was gonna end up. In fact, the only reason why I started this blog in the first place was because I didn’t know what else to do with […]

Lucky Bastard! Debuts At #6 On Bestsellers List

I got a call Sunday morning from Adam Khoo and he gave this bit of really exciting news — Lucky Bastard! is #6 on the Sunday Times Bestsellers list. A wide stupid grin must have instantly implanted on my sleepy face when I heard that. If you take a look at the scan on the […]

How This Bastard Was Born!

Hey! It’s been about 3-4 weeks since Lucky Bastard! was launched in the bookstores and as a first time author, this is obviously a very exciting time for me. Anyways, first time anythings are always exciting! (Remember, the FIRST time you passed your driving test on your 176393396th attempt? Something like that exciting!) Personally, I’ve […]

I Am One Lucky Bastard!

Short one since I just got this and CNY celebrations are underway. But I wanted to post this because I really wanted to give you readers notice (and I’m as excited as a pig on hemp right now). Ain’t that a sight? My book’s just out and it looks mighty fine. I’ve been working on […]

Why I Don’t Believe In Sacrifice

Happy new year, people! I’ve been really caught with some end-of-year work, hence the lack in posts (boo! excuses!) but really.. I still have a crapload of work to get through before the chinese new year swings around. Now back to the titular statement… it’s true – I don’t believe in sacrifice. (And I’m not […]

Flapped My Gums Over At Brand Mastery

Hey people, I was speaking at Brand Mastery over the weekend (or Sunday afternoon specifically) and I really had a blast. Not least for the fact that the fine audience were cool with me going WTF on stage (no kidding!) and having a laugh at the same time. Here are the fine people who don’t […]

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