I know I haven’t been updating this blog in a looooooooooooong while. Reason being I just decided to take a break and just not blog anymore. I figured that I needed a sabbatical. You know, like these multi-million dollar bestselling authors who’ve made too much money and then decide to just not to do anything […]

Global Business

You know how they say that for the first time in history, any ordinary person can just simply start an online business and practically market to the WHOLE world. So that piqued my interest a little bit. I knew that the majority of my subscribers and customers come from Singapore and the USA. And I […]

Where’s My Refund?!

Ha! I have a gripe to rant about today. I bought a $27 ebook with master resell rights from a marketer that I shall call as LB (for now!). The reason why I bought it was because the topic interest me and if it was really top quality, the master resell rights would have really […]

Yes! Thank God For Smart People!

Ha! I finally got my blog fixed (the individual post pages were all wonky) and it’s all thanks to Lawrence and Edmund who helped me out here. In the end, after all the tinkering, they both suggested I just reinstall my blog template and it worked perfectly. And it like what… took 5 minutes to […]

I’m Flattered…

Ok first off, I know it’s been really loooong since I posted something, so let me me apologise if you’ve been eagerly checking my blog every 37 minutes over the last week to see if I wrote something new. I just didn’t have the “feeling” to want to write, and if I don’t feel in […]


Ha! I’m really sorry I haven’t been blogging much the past many days. I’ve been a bit busy over the period and I wasn’t really in the mood to blog. And my belief is that if I’m not in the mood, I shouldn’t really have to force myself to do things. But I balance that, […]

Opps! I Missed One…

Ha! I actually forgot to blog yesterday (Monday). I was so engrossed about my current predicament of not having played a single video game for the last 3 weeks (I’m dying…) that when my mates came over last night to have a round of gaming, I got so caught with playing that I forgot that […]

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