US$21,154.38 In December!

I know I haven’t been blogging for way long (my life is boring…) but holy cow! December was a knockout month for me, as you can plainly see why: One of my Clickbank accounts.

Visa Commissions!

I joined the Science Of Getting Rich affiliate program, just so that the viral pdf that I was giving away would at least have my affiliate link branded inside. I didn’t really expect to make a sale of a US$2000 product, but lo and behold I actually DID: Wow! This was the first time I […]

Wuuuu… I Love New Year Ang Pows!

The year of the pig started off flying for me! (haha.. pigs. fly.) And I’ll tell you why… I woke up yesterday morning afternoon just like any other day. And usually the first thing I do when I slumber off my bed is I hop over to my laptop just to check my email. I’m […]

Google Cheques

I was looking at my file the other day and I came across this piece of paper which may be of interest to you. Have a look: What’s this? Well, when you accumalate� $100 in your adsense a/c, Google will send you this pretty postcard. This is for them to verify that you are a […]

Money, Money, Money

This just arrived in the mail: Guess what’s inside? . . An envelope! Woooo….. Let’s see what’s inside this…� . . . OMIGOD! It’s a cheque from Clickbank for more than friggin’ US$5000! ahahhahaha! Now now, before you go about thinking why in the world I’m showing this off, this post is not meant for […]