Lucky Bastard! Debuts At #6 On Bestsellers List

I got a call Sunday morning from Adam Khoo and he gave this bit of really exciting news — Lucky Bastard! is #6 on the Sunday Times Bestsellers list. A wide stupid grin must have instantly implanted on my sleepy face when I heard that. If you take a look at the scan on the […]

Peel Away Ads!

I’m sure you’ve noticed the funky looking ad thingy on the top right hand corner of my blog for sometime now. Anyway, these types of ads used to appear on those big corporate sites in the past and I always used to think they must have cost a bomb, arm, leg, to do (and they […]

Say NO To CB Affiliate Formula!

Oopps… Was I little too harsh there? Oh well… I really mean what I say. So yes! Say NO to CB Affiliate Formula! (sorry Andrew…) So why my plain objection to Andrew Fox’s latest offering to the market? Well, it’s simple really. I bought the damn thing and I am SO unimpressed. Especially if I’m […]

Download The 1st Chapter Of Adam’s New Book

Adam (Khoo) just called me up last night to tell me that he wanted to release the 1st chapter of his new book ‘Secrets Of Millionaire Investors’ for download, just to give readers a sneak preview of what they can expect when his book launches. Nice spiffy cover eh? If you want to have a […]

Are These Two Dudes The Same Guy?

Dude A Dude B Ummm.. yes! It’s amazing what a beard and a bald pate can do for your looks. But anyway… before I get into trouble (haha!), this here is Michel Fortin, one of the pre-eminent copywriters out there. I stumbled across his site somehow and I was just blown away with the amount […]

Mastermind Bonus

Ok, you should know by now that Adam and I are promoting Mastermind Income Generator at the moment. Why are we promoting it? 2 reasons.

Win A Copy Of Mastermind Income Generator

Just to give you a quick heads up. My friend, Joel Chue, is launching his new product soon, but before he does that, he’s going to give away two FREE copies of this: To me, if you’ve got a chance to win something useful, I’d say just go for it. Leave a comment (or two) […]

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