The Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires is LIVE!

Yes! At long last! After a weeks of hard labour and doing work and watching the World Cup at the same time. It’s finally done! We have launched ‘The Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires!’ Pretty eye-catching eh? It’s also the only place you get to call Adam a ‘juvenlie msifit’! Heh!Heh! Anyway, I’m super glad that […]

How We Started The Websites (and Started Making Money Too!) Part 2

Ok. Time to get back to more serious stuff. Like making money! In the first part I was sharing about how Adam and I decided to work together online and bring Adam’s content and value to the masses out there. Adam had his website which wasn’t very well maintained and I mentioned how and […]

My First ‘Comment-er’, So She Gets A Front Page Spread!

I’m doing this post because someone was the first ever to comment on my blog and I believe people who set milestones should get a special mention! And I even grabbed a pic of her for you readers! Haha! � (I don’t know why she sent me a pic of her with food…) Anyway, her […]

Being Excellent And Not Perfect

I have a confession to make. I’m a stickler for details, everything has to be in the right place, everything has to be in the right order before I actually do anything. You can see how this is not very useful sometimes. There are so many times where I’ve attempted to start something but because […]

Grab Your Name Now (Before You Pay Thosuands For It!)

This post is all about one thing which is to grab your own name domain name! In fact, it doesn’t matter if you’re doing internet marketing per se, you could be in any line like real estate or insurance or business like Adam. Grab your name before anyone else does! Having your own domain name […]

How We Started The Websites (and Started Making Money Too!) Part 1

The last time I was with you, I was sharing about how I got to work with Adam and how it ballooned into something really exciting for me. So after Adam and I agreed to hit it off, I had to go back and think about how best to bring Adam’s expertise and valuable content […]

How I Got To Work With A Multi-Millionaire

Alright, I said that I was going to share with you about how I got this opportunity to work with Adam Khoo running his online efforts. I attended an internet marketing seminar preview and the speakers were giving examples of how they made money and created products to sell online. The thing that I took […]

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