I’m Sorry If You’ve Been Waiting For New Posts But I’m In KL Right Now And So That’s My Sorry Excuse

Anyway, besides the long title, I’m up in KL right now because I’m attending some seminar and I really haven’t found the time to write some stuff for you. But right now, the whole thing just ended and my trip back down is tomorrow so I thought I’ll include a little something here. The launch […]

Ever Seen A ‘Godfather’ Bonus?

Well if you haven’t go take a look. We just kicked off the Official Launch of SSMM and I’m just crossing my fingers that this one will be as or even more successful than the pre-launch. We’ll just have to wait and see. I didn’t paste another screenshot of the sales page because I believe […]

My First Hate Mail!

Whoa! I just received a nasty comment! My blog is going places! I always think it’s a pretty good sign whenever people either love you or hate your guts because it means you doing something different instead of just being so blase that no one gives� a damn. No one reads blase… Anyway here is […]

Countdown to SSMM Official Launch…

Hello people, Adam and I are going to do something pretty BIG real soon (and I’m in for a s***load of work) haha! Anyway, you may have already seen this: Yup, the Official Launch of SSMM is going to kick off real soon and it’s going to be a blinder! Why? Because we already know […]

Headline NEWS!

I’m on the newspapers! And it’s not in the crime section! Haha! (pui! pui! pui! cannot say such suay things). Anyway, Adam used me in his latest Wealth Academy ad in the Straits Times. Have a look: By now you should know which Adam is which right? So I won’t go into which face is […]

Adam Khoo Told You To Come Here, Didn’t He?

Haha! If you read Adam’s latest post on his blog, he’s talking about the SSMM pre-launch and giving me the credit for handling the whole thing successfully and also directing people to my blog. So if this is your first time here, let me welcome you because I honestly appreciate anyone who takes the time […]

SOLD OUT!! US$9400 In A Week!

Hello readers! Some of you would probably have known it by now and YES, the Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires pre-launch is sold out! In about a week as well. So it’s pretty good timing and Adam is estactic about the success of the pre-launch and I am still stunned. Haha! Anyway, since you are reading […]

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