Ha! You Clicked On The Link I Paid S$200 For!

Yes! There are still people who are drawn to the sexy low-res image of yours truly that I have on XX’s blog. Anyway, welcome to my blog where I just go around telling people how I go about making money on the internet. YAWN… If you are interested in how I fumbled my way to […]

Google Cheques

I was looking at my file the other day and I came across this piece of paper which may be of interest to you. Have a look: What’s this? Well, when you accumalate� $100 in your adsense a/c, Google will send you this pretty postcard. This is for them to verify that you are a […]

I Was In Sydney Ok….

Hey there… I’m sorry if you’ve been waiting a long time for a new blog post, so my sorry excuse this time was that I was away in Sydney for about 9 days. And I didn’t want to lug my BIG laptop around. Also I thought the previous post on scams is great value so […]