Who is Michael Bolduc?

I got an interesting comment about 2 weeks ago and I thought I’d share it with everyone. Now before I do that and have some of you going that I shouldn’t be going around publicly sharing about what people write to me, let me set things up properly. All comments on this blog are public […]

We’re Gonna Have A Contest Coming Up

Hey man, If you’ve been waiting for a new post, I’m sorry but I’ve been really busy with something (don’t I always use this line?). Anyway, the thing I’ve been really really busy with is that I’m revamping the copy of Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires. Yup. I felt that the conversions on the sales page […]


Take a look at the video we created for the new project I’m doing. Our mission is to touch one million lives with the gift of gratitude. Big goal = big results. Here’s the team I’ve been working with on this project: They’re Ken, Wendy and Greg. ummm… respectively. The world map you see is […]

Get This For $2.95

That’s right. $2.95. No typo. This is the program I used to make US$17,462 in only 28 days of internet sales. You know in my previous blog post I shared about how I approached Adam (Khoo) to joint venture online and he basically threw this course binder� (yes, you’ll get a physical product) into my […]


Hey folks! I know it’s been a bit since I wrote something, so I won’t give any sorry excuses this time. I’m late (and it’s not because the aliens got me). Ok! With that lousy confession, let’s move on. The reason I’ve been away and abit busy at the moment is because of this – […]

I’m Multi-lingual!

Holy Cow! I’ve just been abducted by aliens and instead of probing me anally like they do with less intelligent homo sapiens, they broke some privacy laws, snooped around� and discovered that I have a Mensa certificate stating that I have a genius IQ. So they� decided to blast me with their special� guinea pig […]