Are You Focused Enough To Succeed Online Part 3

Ok! I’ll finish this whole thing in this final posting and then I’m gonna bum for awhile. Let’s begin where I left off: If you haven’t, here’s Part 1 and Part 2. The last time I was blabbing away to you, I was saying that it’s soooooo easy to be overwhelmed with information on the […]

Weekend Post And Your Questions

Ok lets start with your questions. No. 1 – Name: emigre Have you ever felt less than motivated sometimes? Things just get kind of boring or lose steam after awhile and you go for days not doing anything that helps to generate income. What do you do when you feel less than focused over a […]

Get A Load Of This Bozo!

Oh man, you guys have got to see this one! Who does he think I am? An idiot!? I’m a Mensan with an IQ so high that next to me, your existence wilts to a sorry attempt at impersonating intelligent life on Earth! (shameless plug + caustic insult…) Take a look at this email I […]

منال علي

Interesting title eh? I got an email from a guy (منال عل that’s his name) who’s obviously very conversant in arab: كيف أستطيع تحديد هدفي بغاية الدقة؟؟المشكلة أنني قرأت كتاب مبادىء النجاح ولم أستطع تطبيقه لأنني ليس لدي هدف واضح؟؟؟ Whoaaa… way cool. But I obviously cannot read any of the words and give him […]

Reader (You!) Questions

I thought I’d start a reader question thingy so that we get to share some information which other people may find useful as well. If you actually read the comments on this blog, you’d find that I take the time to answer questions left by readers (you!). Sometimes I wonder if people know I actually […]

UPDATE: (toot) customers!

I received a comment from a friend of mine. Must share! Must share!: TY Teh says: Whoa! That’s a lot of energy there boy. I know that I’m not qualified to be saying this, since I have not experience this much in online marketing, but you shouldn’t really let this bother you too much. Of […]

Stupid @#$%^ Customers!

Ok ok, before I start spewing vile and you start think I’m actually a hormonal teenage girl who can’t control my emotions, let me state that I sincerely love my customers. Duh.. They the ones that spend the money on my products, so obviously I treat them like gold like they should be. But this […]

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