$200 To Start An Empire (Part 2)

Alright.. let me finish up this bit for you. If you haven’t read Part 1 you can do so here: Make Money Online Just to recap, here’s the question from Low Hang Wei which kickstarted the whole thing: I have been looking at your blog for some time, since the launch of SSMM to be […]

SSMM 2006 Christmas Thingy

OK. We all know Christmas is round the corner and people everywhere are running round like headless chickens buying up all the Christmas gifts they can get their hands on. I should know. I got stuck in a jam in Orchard Road just yesterday. It took me 45 minutes just to move 200 metres! And […]

$200 To Start An Empire (Part 1)

I received this great question from a reader: Name: Low Hang Wei I have been looking at your blog for some time, since the launch of SSMM to be exact. Some days I envy you for the good luck of having the rights to publish Adam Khoo’s extensive range of articles, SSMM and any other […]

Reader Questions

Ok I have two today, so let’s begin: Name: Ty Teh Just curious. When you do the article sumbmission for Adam Khoo, how many articles directories did you use? I understand that the more duplicated articles on the web, Google will actually penalize by giving lower ranking to the article. How much of this do […]

10 Tips To Power Up Your Article Marketing Campaign

I do a bit of article marketing for Adam Khoo’s websites because he has TONS of great content to share with people out there. So article submissions work very nicely for him. Now if you’re not very sure what article marketing is, here’s a quick rundown – Article marketing is one of the fastest ways […]