It’s Federico Again!

Hahah! I just love this guy from Argentina and his over-the-top emails. He got himself a copy of Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires and the program takes you about 14 days for you to finish. (Yes.. it’s packed solid with awesome content) Anyway, we sent him an email asking him how the program was coming along […]

Win A Copy Of Mastermind Income Generator

Just to give you a quick heads up. My friend, Joel Chue, is launching his new product soon, but before he does that, he’s going to give away two FREE copies of this: To me, if you’ve got a chance to win something useful, I’d say just go for it. Leave a comment (or two) […]

Easy Rich?

Oh I have to blog about this one because whenever I see sites like this out there, it makes me cringe… Have a look at this site (url blacked out for his sake): Look at that! Doesn’t it just look so ehhhh… ‘scammy’? Disclaimer! I did not say it was a scam. I just said […]

The Super Gifts Contest

We recently ran a short promo for Super Gifts (SG) about a few weeks back. If you’ve not heard about it, it’s a website where you can register for a free account and the proceed on to explore over 900 products and download any of them for free (!). Sounds great and it is. I […]

$210,000 A Day!?

Yes! If you’re David Beckham. If you’re a soccer football fan, you’d know that he just signed a 5-year 128 millon pound deal with the Los Angeles Galaxy. You work that out and that’s more than 70,000 pounds a day! This is the biggest deal ever so far for a soccer football player. By a […]

This Has Got To Be My Favorite Customer!

You know sometimes how pissy customers can be, even though we all know as a business we have to treat them as No. 1. So far in my online experiences, people have really been very nice and I’ve not met a real asshole yet that I’d love to shoot. Well, that’s about nasty customers. What […]

Reader Questions And How You Can Gain Backlinks

Ok some question you have and I’m sorry if you’ve waited long for a reply. (too bad…) First one up! Name: woverine Hi Adam, I’m currently in the ditch of procrastination from getting my blog or web up. I need to rub some desires off you. What did you desire that got you started in […]

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