75% Commissions And Why You Should Give Them

If you’re selling digital products, you’d know the most basic level of commissions you should give is 50%. People expect that as a minimum nowadays and yes, we do see most ebooks, software, etc giving out commissions at that level. (If you’re offering a measly 8% comm, wake up! Coz you’re not Amazon haha..) So […]

Are These Two Dudes The Same Guy?

Dude A Dude B Ummm.. yes! It’s amazing what a beard and a bald pate can do for your looks. But anyway… before I get into trouble (haha!), this here is Michel Fortin, one of the pre-eminent copywriters out there. I stumbled across his site somehow and I was just blown away with the amount […]

Wuuuu… I Love New Year Ang Pows!

The year of the pig started off flying for me! (haha.. pigs. fly.) And I’ll tell you why… I woke up yesterday morning afternoon just like any other day. And usually the first thing I do when I slumber off my bed is I hop over to my laptop just to check my email. I’m […]

Identity Theft… Nasty!

I just received this great comment and great comments are to be shared! But first a bit of background, I wrote an earlier post about how bozos go around doing stupid dishonest things online just to make a quick buck. You can read it here: Avoid Crap Like This! Ok, if you’ve already read that, […]

Avoid Crap Like This!

In one of my previous blog posts, I talked about a certain scammy-looking site and how you most probably wouldn’t even want to touch it with a ten foot pole. I didn’t reveal the URL but now in the best interests of my readers, it’s easyrichsg.com . Avoid that site at all costs! Read my […]

The New Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires!

Well, it’s not really ‘new’ new. I just added some really spiffy graphics to the salesletter and I just think it’s smashing! The guy who did it (Sean from MiniSiteGraphics.com) is a wizard when it cames to salesletter graphics. And he’s lovely to work with too! Highly recommended! Anyway, compare the old salesletter with the […]

Scam Buster Award Winner!

Yes! Ahahahha! I’m the winner of the very first Scam Buster award! I’m deeply honoured to Stuart Tan and his forum to have given me this inaugural award and also to all the bad scammers out there, thank you for being stupid enough to do such a piss poor job of scamming people. I couldn’t […]

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