Fix Your Firstnames

Ok I have a really short but great tip you can use immediately after reading this. If you use an autoresponder to collect opt-in leads, you’d normally have a webform like this to capture the person’s information: So you capture the guy’s info, he’s on your list, and now you start to followup with the […]

Is Internet Marketing Too Cheap For You?

Isn’t that an interesting question? Internet marketing. Too cheap. Well, let me first explain what I mean by too cheap. You see, starting an online business is really easy because it’s sooo low cost. Like I mentioned in my earlier post, my fixed costs come up to about US$40-50 a month. Mainly on hosting, the […]

Would You Spend $291 A Month On ONE Product?

Ha! I just made the biggest purchase on an internet marketing product so far (not counting seminars). Like the title says above, this new baby I bought costs US$291 a month, every month, until I choose not to continue subscribing to it. That makes S$450 a month. Even though in the scheme of all things, […]

Opps! I Missed One…

Ha! I actually forgot to blog yesterday (Monday). I was so engrossed about my current predicament of not having played a single video game for the last 3 weeks (I’m dying…) that when my mates came over last night to have a round of gaming, I got so caught with playing that I forgot that […]

Marketers: Watch This!

This is an absolutely amazing video. Hit Play below: WOW! Amazing right? I was sitting down with my jar agape when I saw how it happened. Derren Brown is simply brilliant. So how does this video relate to you as a marketer?

One A Day…

HahA! As you can see I’m doing my utmost to churn out one blog post a day right now. And you might be asking why the hell I’m doing so much typing. Well, the more regularly you post to your blog, the more traffic you get. And I want more. Never hurts. So I’m just […]

People Who Want Something For Nothing…

As you know, I like to take you behind the scenes to have a look at what I experience running the whole internet show. So this time it’s an email from a really funny (as in wierd) dude. Have a look at the first one he sent me (Name blacked out privacy): Isn’t he cute? […]

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