I’m Flattered…

Ok first off, I know it’s been really loooong since I posted something, so let me me apologise if you’ve been eagerly checking my blog every 37 minutes over the last week to see if I wrote something new. I just didn’t have the “feeling” to want to write, and if I don’t feel in […]

How To Open A Clickbank Account When Your Country Isn’t Listed

I get this question A LOT. Especially from people who want to start affiliate marketing, but find out that Clickbank doesn’t have their country listed. And so… yes, someone did ask me again. Hi Adam: I would not want to let go this opportunity to ask a long kept question. I can’t create a clickbank […]

Using Tags To Increase Traffic

Yes! Another question! I’m your Uncle Agony! And I luv it! Anyway, here it is: Name: Andrew Choong Hi Adam, not sure if this is a dumb question but why do bloggers always have tags at the end of each post? Is it for search engine to find easily or just some keywords? I just […]

Singapore Institute Of Management Advertising On Golf Clubs?

Oh my… this is so weird (plus a waste of ad dollars!). Have a look at this: Ok, why do I say this is a waste of ad dollars?

How To Create A Rebrandable PDF File

Yay! (jumping up and down in girlish delight) I got a question! ahem… anyway, here’s it: Hi Adam, I’m responding to your call for questions on your blog! I would like to find out what software do you use to create rebrandable pdf files. Thanks alot! Regards, Calvin Great question! Because rebrandable pdfs are a […]


Just wanted to drop a note letting you know that I’m open to any questions you may have (ummm… almost any question – don’t ask me about my future mother-in-law, color of my underwear, stuff like that.) If you have any question about Internet marketing, I’d be happy to help answer it and help you […]

Do You Know Your Own Visitor Value?

We all know two things make your success on the Internet. Traffic x Conversions = $$$ It really IS as simple as that. If you can do that consistently, you’re making money. Focusing about your PageRank, no. of links you have, or even your Alexa rank, blah blah blah, etc is not going to make […]

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