The Reason Why I Stopped Blogging…

I finally realized why I stopped blogging for more than a month some time back. I just did not have anything to share with you guys (unless you want all the sordid details of my personal life!). Anyway, back then I totally had no interest in blogging because I really had nothing interesting to talk […]

Say NO To CB Affiliate Formula!

Oopps… Was I little too harsh there? Oh well… I really mean what I say. So yes! Say NO to CB Affiliate Formula! (sorry Andrew…) So why my plain objection to Andrew Fox’s latest offering to the market? Well, it’s simple really. I bought the damn thing and I am SO unimpressed. Especially if I’m […]

Visa Commissions!

I joined the Science Of Getting Rich affiliate program, just so that the viral pdf that I was giving away would at least have my affiliate link branded inside. I didn’t really expect to make a sale of a US$2000 product, but lo and behold I actually DID: Wow! This was the first time I […]

I’m The Man!

Ha! I love the pompous titles I give myself! Anyway, I was coaching Wealth Academy over the weekend (again…) and I really a great time going back late, waking up early and cursing in the shower – all in the name of peerless commitment. Seriously, I had a great time because of the people I […]

Where’s My Refund?!

Ha! I have a gripe to rant about today. I bought a $27 ebook with master resell rights from a marketer that I shall call as LB (for now!). The reason why I bought it was because the topic interest me and if it was really top quality, the master resell rights would have really […]

Yes! Thank God For Smart People!

Ha! I finally got my blog fixed (the individual post pages were all wonky) and it’s all thanks to Lawrence and Edmund who helped me out here. In the end, after all the tinkering, they both suggested I just reinstall my blog template and it worked perfectly. And it like what… took 5 minutes to […]