Global Business

You know how they say that for the first time in history, any ordinary person can just simply start an online business and practically market to the WHOLE world. So that piqued my interest a little bit. I knew that the majority of my subscribers and customers come from Singapore and the USA. And I […]

Making Over US$2,300.00 In A Few Days

So to follow up on my previous post. I ran an experiment on my list weeks back, where I conducted a survey asking them what were they interested to learn the most from us. And the No.1 result I got was ‘How To Make A Full-Time Income Online’. So knowing that was the thing that […]

Ask Your List What They Want!

Omigod! This is such plain “common” sense, but then I never did this till now. The best way to create a great relationship with your list is to simply give them what they want. That’s what good marketing is all about, isn’t it? Giving people what they want. Period. And how do you find out […]