Over-Eager Salespeople

I was out shopping for a ceiling fan for my new room last week (yes, I’m shifting…) and I walked into one fan shop along Jalan Besar to browse around. Immediately when I entered the shop, this really frenetic sales guy came up to me and asked what I was looking for. And so I […]

Adding Kontera To Your Blog

If you’ve noticed on me blog, I’ve added Kontera advertising to its pages. Ever since Google allowed people to have Kontera ads alongside Adsense, many webmasters have decided to add another revenue stream onto their websites. Obviously, it doesn’t mean that just adding Kontera would see you making more money, it’s a little more complicated […]

Raise Your Prices!

Ok, after that spot of fun in my last post (life’s too short to be serious), I guess it’s time to write about things a bit more ahem… serious. . Like money stuff. Anyway, I learned a tip from a marketer, Sean D’Souza, about raising prices for your products. He shared that most businesses are […]