Marlon Sanders Exposed!

Omigod! This is hilarious. And also a great lesson in how you can use video to do affiliate marketing.

God! I’m 25!

Yes, I’m now 25. And my Mum keeps congratulating me for reaching this quarter milestone in my life. Where I usually retort, “So you expect me to live till a hundred lah…” Anyway, this post is a little belated. My birthday just passed 4 hours ago, but then I thought I’d share the news with […]

Peel Away Ads!

I’m sure you’ve noticed the funky looking ad thingy on the top right hand corner of my blog for sometime now. Anyway, these types of ads used to appear on those big corporate sites in the past and I always used to think they must have cost a bomb, arm, leg, to do (and they […]

Buying My First Stock

I actually had my first formal introduction to investing back in Oct 2005 when I attended Adam Khoo’s Wealth Academy. I grasped the concepts and all the financial mumbo jumbo pretty well, and got pretty excited about getting started. Which I didn’t… I had the knowledge, all the information, support, and resources BUT I just […]