Do Trial Offers Work All That Well?

I though I should share about my personal experience with using trial offers to market your products. I’m sure you know what they’re all about. Instead of paying a full price for a product from the get-go, with a trial offer a customer gets to test a product for certain number of days for a […]

Traffic Secrets 2.0

I just received my copy of John Reese’s Traffic Secrets 2.0 on Tuesday. It took some time to reach but, you know, after going through nearly half of the program so far, I must say it was well worth the wait. 12 video CDs covering the major traffic methods on the Internet today (including the […]

Flapped My Gums Over At Brand Mastery

Hey people, I was speaking at Brand Mastery over the weekend (or Sunday afternoon specifically) and I really had a blast. Not least for the fact that the fine audience were cool with me going WTF on stage (no kidding!) and having a laugh at the same time. Here are the fine people who don’t […]