Your Gmail Account Can Be Hacked!

From Hungry Hackers: A tool that automatically steals IDs of non-encrypted sessions and breaks into Google Mail accounts has been presented at the Defcon hackers’ conference in Las Vegas. Last week Google introduced a new feature in Gmail that allows users to permanently switch on SSL and use it for every action involving Gmail, and […]

How Scammers Fake Their Clickbank Earnings

Take a look at this video: Haha! Ok, besides the really cute accent (I’m sorry, I was bursting out laughing when I watched it) I think this video is a really great warning to Internet newbies out there that what you see is not always what you get on the Internet. If it’s so easy […]


Really short post this week. You may have noticed this tiny widget at the bottom of every post here. It’s called ShareThis and it’s really useful. If you have a wordpress blog, you can install the plugin and have it up and running in less than 5 minutes. ShareThis plugin ShareThis is like this all-in-one-godzilla […]

Is This Really A Scam?

Hey ye’all, I’m writing this post in response this post I knocked up more than a year ago, because it still receives lots of views and comments to this day. If you haven’t come across it yet, have a read: OK, now that you’ve got some background, let me proceed with my frank opinions. […]