Get Backed Up!

This is something that is so darn important but you’d be surprised at how many (or little) people actually do regular backups (like me, dammit!). I’ll admit it, I’m as lazy as a pig on hemp on any given day and I’ve been procrastinating for ages to get my files and folders backed up.

I mean, it is just so easy to just leave it for tomorrow (and tomorrow, and tomorrow) because you always assume that it will always be there — till it’s gone, of course!

So you can imagine my reaction when I bloody woke up one day to find my ALL blogs gone. Everything – kapish! At first, I thought my eyes were fooling me because I was still in my half-wake daze (with hair all over the place), so I do what I normally do online when you think your eyes are playing a trick. You hit the F5 button.

But to no avail! This time (after countless attempts at mashing the refresh button) my blogs just wouldn’t reappear. It was only then that I really woke, raised my right eyebrow, and my brain kinda registered what the heck was going on — I just freaking lost over 2 years of hard work and labor in an INSTANT. Just wiped out from the face of this earth! (Not funny AT ALL.)
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7 Reasons Why You Should Use An Autoresponder

If you’ve been doing IM for some time, then I’m sure that this will be the most important tool you’ll ever possess in your online business (other than your brain, of course. If that’s screwed, well… too bad!).

In fact, your autoresponder is so important that when one millionaire Internet marketer was asked which one of his websites made him the most money, his answer was – “None of them. My autoresponder list is the one that makes me the most money.”

Here are 7 reasons why your autoresponder is the #1 tool your online business will ever have: (until email becomes obsolete anyway…)
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Dang! I Missed The Discount

I’m sure you’ve come across websites where just as you’re about to leave, a window pops up and this friendly operator chats with you to entice you to stay on site and hopefully purchase the product on offer.

Of course, we all know that the friendly operator is just a software program, so don’t bother chatting her up (if you didn’t know this, go laugh at yourself in the mirror – especially if you’ve been trying to chat her up!).

I really don’t know about the effectiveness of using a gimmick like this because in this day and age, a lot of people are Internet savvy enough to know that the ‘live chat’ isn’t real at all. And to design it in such a way to make it seem to people that its ‘live’ kinda beats the purpose because people are not going to fall for it anyway.

Anyway, this is besides the point – here’s my gripe. I recently purchased a product online for US$77. I thought it was a great deal (and it is considering the information inside). But you know what?
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Don’t Do This On Facebook!

You know, FB’s a really great tool to connect and keep in touch with people. Previously, I wasn’t too much of a fan with all the social networking sites (even when I became an Internet marketer) but after using and interacting with people through these social networking sites, I’ve come to love it. If not just for the saying “Hi!” to old friends, then at least just to be curious about what people are up to.

That being said, social networking sites are getting REALLY popular today. Facebook alone, I believe, has over 110 million users. Imagine what you could do with a database that size! Not only that, I believe FB is the first social networking site to really go mainstream.

Back then, other social networking sites were more or less used by the ‘younger’ crowd. For example, I was on Friendster years ago and so were all my friends and peers. But you never really met anyone from outside that circle.

But Facebook, oh my! you’re seeing everyone and I mean everyone getting a Facebook account today. Even big old organizations are getting in on the act. I regularly read news online and even there you have links where you can share the news article on Facebook.

Sites like ESPN, LA Times, Reuters, Washington Post, and even the jolly British – the BBC – have share links to Facebook. You never saw such things with other social sites before. So FB is really mainstream now.

But back to my titular point…
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How To Find A Legit Product To Market

Here’s a question:

Hi Adam, I’m a starter to this entire IM and affiliate marketing thingy and have been trying to find some legit product to market. Problem is i went browsing through ClickBank but most of the products, after doing some research, i found that they appear to be fake. why i say appear is because, some results are in favour of the product while some others claim it to be a scam (and the question of jealousy comes in place).

How do i find a legit product to market? Are there any tips or basic things to look out for when searching for a product in ClickBank? Really appreciate if you could give me a reply. Or if you do not want to flood your comments list, replying me through the email i gave u is fine too. Thanks :)

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Your Gmail Account Can Be Hacked!

From Hungry Hackers:

A tool that automatically steals IDs of non-encrypted sessions and breaks into Google Mail accounts has been presented at the Defcon hackers’ conference in Las Vegas.

Last week Google introduced a new feature in Gmail that allows users to permanently switch on SSL and use it for every action involving Gmail, and not only, authentication. Users who did not turn it on now have a serious reason to do so as Mike Perry, the reverse engineer from San Francisco who developed the tool is planning to release it in two weeks.

When you log in to Gmail the website sends a cookie (a text file) containing your session ID to the browser. This file makes it possible for the website to know that you are authenticated and keep you logged in for two weeks, unless you manually hit the sign out button. When you hit sign out this cookie is cleared.

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How Scammers Fake Their Clickbank Earnings

Take a look at this video:

Haha! Ok, besides the really cute accent (I’m sorry, I was bursting out laughing when I watched it) I think this video is a really great warning to Internet newbies out there that what you see is not always what you get on the Internet.

If it’s so easy to just do stuff like this, you bet your ass that there will be people out there who have no qualms using these methods to hook you, sell you their crap, and make off with your dough.

In fact, here’s a forum thread I stumbled upon where this bozo who had the nerve to actually fake his Clickbank earnings and sell his ‘system’ to the forum. Now that’s not the dumb part. The REALLY dumb part is that even when some pretty sharp people spotted the obvious signs that it was scam, there were still people on the forum still DUMB enough to buy his shit. Can you fucking believe it?

Omigod! Are those people dumbasses or what? Ha!

Anyway, thanks Charles for the heads up on the video!

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